Distant Mantra “Solitude Republic” CD (signed)

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CD (jewel case) + digital download (WAV 24bit, MP3 320kbps, FLAC, hi-res cover & booklet)

Bittersweet, velvet and intense female vocals, sophisticated bass lines and spacious, dreamy guitars combined with the wrapping sound of synths. Melodic post-dream rock with a little bit of madness on their debut album.

1. Maniac (05:51)
2. A Girl (04:41)
3. So Jealous (05:16)
4. Emptiness (05:09)
5. Do You Look For Me (04:14)
6. The Worst Thing (04:03)
7. Släpp Mig Fri (04:13)
8. I Still Belong (03:48)
9. Bajka (04:42)
10. In My Bed (04:15)

Music: Krzysztof Jaglinski / Przemysław Piotrowski
Lyrics: Małgorzta Maleszak
(except ‘BAJKA’- Paulina Borcuch)
Małgorzata Maleszak – lead & backing voc, Przemysław Piotrowski – b, Krzysztof Jaglinski – g, kbds, synths, programming
Mix, mastering, production:
Krzysztof Jaglinski @ Musical Mice Studio

Published by: Lynx Music



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